We use march to do extinguish stereotypes

March has arrived and it seems that the entire world remembers women. March 8, International Women’s Day, is used by many brands and companies to position themselves among this movement. Maybe my vision was skewed from all of the work we are doing to generate support for Day of the Latin American and Caribbean Woman Entrepreneur or if the force that we make from these organizations led us to think more and more about our role in society.

Women’s Day was declared to draw attention to and reflect on gender equality in honor of 146 working women who died fighting for their rights. Every year on March 8th, this reality cannot be forgotten. In Argentina, the Ministry of Social Development launched a campaign #noqueremosflores (we don’t want flowers) that concentrates on gender equality and calls for the public to remember the original meaning of the day, leaving aside the consumerist stereotype of flowers, clothes, makeup, etc.

Vital Voices, an NGO that seeks to help women through economic empowerment and an organization of which I have been a part of for many years, organized a Mentoring Walk during the weekend. There were walks in Argentina and Uruguay, Ecuador and Honduras. Also, Voces Vitales El Salvador organized a campaign together with Sears #afavor (in favor) for women who dream.

As for me, I was overwhelmed with joy to join a panel on social, economic and family empowerment with Paula Marra, Lorena Piazze, María Beatriz Giraudo, Gwyneth Ketterer y Patricia Frías in Cordoba City, where we reflected on the role of women and how we can empower one another. This event also aimed at revitalizing the value of women as professionals, as a wealth generator and family supporter. I very much appreciate the organizer’s invitation and hope that I have inspired many women to endeavor.

This Thursday, to continue adding milestones to the 12th of each month, we have  organized a meeting at the Google offices in Argentina. We hope to have a first-rate discussion with  men and women about the meaning of equality. Gustavo Stecher (noBrand), Betania Aprile (BA Emprende), Beatriz Nofal, Maxi Menasches (Wormhole) and Gabriela Szlak (Pactanda) will be joining the discussion.

These women are also multiplying voices: Margherita Pagani from Chile together with us is raising the voices of entrepreneurial women at Girls in Tech Chile and Daniela Victoria Gonzalez of Epic Queen will speak on outstanding Latinas in her presentation at SXSW. We are more, we are many that raise our voices.

The agenda of these activities will have a similar format to the campaigns that I mentioned. In March, everyone wants to talk about women, so let’s talk about equality. One thing I always say with respect to our initiative, is that the best thing that can happen, is that we reach a point where our mission becomes meaningless. That is the moment in which inequality will disappear, and it will be glorious. We use march to extinguish stereotypes.

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