The team behind the initiative Dia de la Mujer Emprendedora invites Anne Ravanona, CEO and Founder of Global Invest Her to share her experience related to supporting and inspiring women entrepreneurs, helping them get funded and helping to promote gender diversity within the workplace.


By Lindsey O’Dell for the NXTP Labs editorial


What’s the biggest challenge you’ve faced as being an advocate for change?


It is taking so long for both men and women to realise that increasing the number of women entrepreneurs and leaders in corporate is the path to sustainable growth.


We simply do not see enough global women entrepreneur role models in the press and media and that really frustrates me. If you ask anybody on the street to name 3 top global women entrepreneurs, they are usually lost for words. Whereas everyone can name at least 3 male entrepreneurs off the tip of their tongues. Any major article on the top companies that get investment includes a long list of male CEO’s and rarely any women.


Who is your role model as an entrepreneur?


Many entrepreneurs inspire me, in particular Richard Branson, who has built his global empire and disrupted many different markets worldwide – always putting the customer first. Sarah Blakely, founder and CEO of Spanx (one of the first self made women billionaires) is such a role model, showing innovation, perseverance, dedication and hard work truly do pay. The other great lady I admire is Scottish entrepreneur Michelle Mone, founder and CEO of the Ultimo brand who revolutionised the bra industry.  And of course, Oprah Winfrey who is such an inspiration!


What is the biggest challenge female entrepreneurs face when it comes to attracting investors?


The biggest challenge women entrepreneurs face when it comes to attracting investors is bias – both unconscious and conscious, in the minds of both male investors and the women entrepreneurs themselves. Male investors don’t know how to ‘read’ women entrepreneurs’ behaviors, or maybe don’t understand the products they are building/selling. Because they don’t see as many women entrepreneurs pitching, male investors tend to make assumptions that woman entrepreneur = higher risk investment, when the research actually indicates the opposite! On the other side, women entrepreneurs can often hold themselves back, not display as much confidence in themselves or the funding process, feel intimidated by it and as a consequence, not ask for enough money. We have to change this.


How does Global Invest Her empower the entrepreneurial woman to acquire funding?


We provide trusted information, inspiration, practical tools and a global community where women entrepreneurs can learn about funding in a welcoming environment, to help them become investor-ready and get funded faster.We launch in summer 2015 so sign up on to get invited to join the community when it’s up and running and in the meantime, read our inspirational interviews with great women role models and learn about key events on


How can community members empower the entrepreneurial woman and promote gender equality in entrepreneurship?


Support women entrepreneurs through buying their products, connecting them with possible business partners, introducing them to your networks and giving them a chance to showcase their businesses through public speaking/exhibition opportunities. To promote gender equality in entrepreneurship, we need great men who support women involved as male champions of change and to stand up and publicly support women entrepreneurs as part of the global #HeForShe campaign. And always remember, as the great Madeleine Albright says, “there is a special place in hell, for women who don’t help other women”.


What is the best way to motivate women in maintaining perseverance in their journey to change the world through entrepreneurship?


Every woman entrepreneur goes through the same doubt, discouragement, excitement, highs and lows.  It’s important to get out and talk to other women entrepreneurs, create your own personal support group of great advisors to help you on your journey. Research proves you and your company will go much further if you get help and help others.


Biography of the interviewee: Anne Ravanona is a women’s advocate and contributor to the Huffington Post and Linked In Pulse. As the Founder and CEO of Global Invest Her, her vision for the company is to become a global catalyst and change-maker in the women entrepreneur and economic empowerment ecosystems. Anne is a regular speaker on Funding for Women Entrepreneurs at global conferences.


Biography of the author: Lindsey O’Dell is responsible for content at NXTP Labs. Before joining the most active Latin American fund, she developed her career in Medical Technology in New York. She is a native Texan and holds a degree in Biomedical Sciences from Marist College, NY. Lindsey is passionate about technology, marketing and Latin American culture.


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