S Factory: women at the forefront in Chile

The S Factory is a competitive fund of $10 millones to boost startups led by women, carried out by Start-up Chile. The fund will enable the beneficiaries to start the development of digital technology and high-impact projects.

Under the concept of exclusive pre-accelerator, The S Factory has 2 fundamental objectives: help turn innovative ideas into working prototypes and enhance the figure of women entrepreneurs in an ever- competitive environment. The initiative The initiative seeks to achieve these objectives by identifying companies in early stages that have high potential and are led by women.  Over the course of 12 weeks and within the Startup Chile platform, the selected projects will receive the equivalent of U$D 16,000 in capital as well as a series of trainings, courses and mentoring to accelerate the development and the necessary tools for finishing the early stages.

The requirements that should be completed for the project in order to be selected are: be in the project or the prototyping stage with less than 6 months of development and should be led by a woman.

The program is a response to the low diversity of genre that shows the entrepreneurial landscape in Chile and worldwide.

Analyzing the reality of the industry worldwide and in consultation with Chilean entrepreneurs in charge of successful, high-impact projects, it was decided to carry out this initiative to invite women to start business and guide them through the process.

The first selection of The S Factory starts today, June 22, and will extend through July 6, 2015. The first generation of The S Factory will consist of 15 projects with high impact potential, led by women.

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