How To Convert A Necessity Into A Startup

This is a guest post written by Mijal Yelin, Founder of ReservaTurno.


To start your own company implies many things, some of which you would never imagine. Above all, it requires a developed idea.

The famous brainstorming is a great place to start: see what works, what’s next and bring value to what already exists. So one can stay spinning and thinking about the one in a million idea that will have unquestionable success.  It probably will never be as successful as you think, because the objective is too big and ambitious that it ends up being unreachable.

I chose to discard that path and convert a “necessity” into a startup.

After working in multinational companies for a few years, I assumed it was time to make myself my own boss. I found the goal very attractive, but the first problem soon appeared: I needed an idea. I thought about all kinds of ideas, but then the famous “buts” appeared and I threw them out. I postponed everything.

Finally, I changed companies and returned inspired after a vacation. I wanted something related to fashion companies, trends and everything in this world that I had enjoyed. After a conversation over coffee with a friend, I realized that I was thinking of THE one in a million idea, with a mega technology that I didn’t no or was able to cope with financially. Also, I wasn’t seeing that in an era where everything is so virtual, the technological part of the beauty and aesthetic category was less developed in comparison to other industries.

I didn’t have to look for a great idea to turn into a startup. I found it in the daily necessities of many women that work and are in constant movement. Spending a big part of your day in an office, sitting in a box with your coworker in front of you and your boss one meter away brings some difficulties. Making appointments for manicures, getting your hair dyed or cut in these conditions is a challenge. This doens’t even include appointments for depilation, when in the same moment they ask you details about which zone you would like to remove hair from your boss appears. Communication is cut immediately.

This is how ReservaTurno was born, an innovative solution and 3 simple steps for reserving appointments for the hairdresser, spa, masseuse, depilation and makeup online or from your cell phone.

Appointments can be booked at anytime from anywhere, without losing time in lines or on calls.

Another key for this method is to form a team that will convert the idea into a fact. I looked for complementary profiles that would help me think and develop my idea, analyze the market and see if users will adopt to this new trend.

Working independently brought many changes to my life: the work day no longer ends at 6p.m., or at 7p.m., sometimes, it just doesn’t end. You aren’t only making the photocopies that you were doing in the multinational company, but you are also preparing the presentations and the business plan. You also have to open accounts at the bank, find investors, attend all sorts of events in order to meet new people and fill yourself with new ideas. Because the company depends on you and how you develop it. Suddenly you become a multitasking employee. You are your boss and your harshest critic.

But seeing that little by little your idea is growing, advancing and that you are reaching different achievements, is the best motivation to keep moving forward.  In my case, I learned that it is better and very motivating to think big, starting with the smallest thing.

Find an idea that awakes passion, it helps to be persistent, proactive to take small, firm steps that allow you to learn, fail and continue to learn in order to triumph.

Now I can call any hairdresser because I don’t have a boss in front of me.  Luckily, I can book an appointment more efficiently from my cell phone…and although I have less free time than before, my nails are always perfect, because people pay attention to my hands in meetings. I’m not just saying this, they admitted it to me.

Author biography: Mijal Yelin has a degree in Science Education from the Universidad de San Andrés, she has a Masters Business Management from New York University. Currently, she is Co-Founder and CEO of ReservaTurno, one of the startups that received investment from NXTP Labs.


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